Mini-Lecture #13, the final one of the current semester, has just been posted.  I know there are difficulties, but PLEASE try to finish up your Learning Circle projects as soon as possible.

Those that have already arrived are first-rate.  Take a look at the project of the Learning Circle on Global Climate Change

And, here is the link to the project of the Learning Circle on the Earth’s Resources and Biodiversity.

Also, please don’t forget to send me or Karsyn Sprague your personal email address so that we can stay in touch in the future. Her email address is

Stay in touch and thanks for a great semester!



Mini-Lecture #12, an interview with Dyan deNapoli, “The Penguin Lady,” who discusses her book on “The Great Penguin Rescue,” which provides a sterling example of the human capacity for empathy, has just been posted.

Please keep up your excellent work toward completion of the Learning Circle projects – the use of blogs, wikis, and power point presentations are all excellent.  Best of luck!

Please also standby for information about our live chat later this week on “how we ought to live” – we’re trying to schedule it for Thursday, the 14th.

All the best,



The Global Conversation Mini Lecture 11 – Spring 2011

April 3, 2011

Mini-Lecture #11 has just been posted – it is a preview of the lecture I will give at the Forum on Education Abroad annual conference in Boston in a few days.  You may find it useful as it addresses some of the deeper theoretical and philosophical issues informing The Global Conversation. Also, for those of you concerned about climate [...]

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The Global Conversation Mini Lecture 10 – Spring 2011

March 28, 2011

Mini-Lecture #10 has just been posted.  In it I ask you to calculate your water usage using the water calculator that you will find at the top of the course home page – you can then post your usage in comparison to the amount the average American uses in the Forum I created below the calculator [...]

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The Global Conversation Mini Lecture 9 – Spring 2011

March 21, 2011

Mini-Lecture #9 has just been posted. This mini-lecture looks at the attacks on Libya and the possible key role played by Libya’s oil reserves, as well as the ongoing difficulties at the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan.  It notes George Monbiot’s fear that instead of nuclear power more coal fired plants will be constructed with much worse environmental consequences [...]

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